Actress Nixon, political vet Cuomo square off in NY primary debate

Actress Nixon, political vet Cuomo square off in NY primary debate

Political novice Cynthia Nixon, known for her role in the TV series “Sex and the City”, squared off against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a feisty televised debate Wednesday.


The joust came ahead of the Democratic Party primary on September 13 for the gubernatorial post in the heavily Democratic state of 20 million people.


Cuomo is a part of Democratic family dynasty; Nixon is a newcomer to politics who wants to lead a new progressive wing of the party.


They touched on subjects such as improving infrastructure, fighting poverty, defending the rights of women and above all standing up against President Donald Trump.


The debate was tense at times.


Cuomo asked Nixon several times to stop cutting him off.


“Can you stop interrupting?” Cuomo said to Nixon.


“Can you stop lying?” she replied.


Cuomo, who has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2020, said that if he is re-elected governor he will serve out his term.


Cuomo said he had experience to boast and Nixon did not.


“She lives in the world of fiction. I live in the world of facts,” Cuomo said.


Nixon called Cuomo a corrupt “corporate Democrat” and defended herself as a champion of the poor and of minorities.


The latest polls show Cuomo ahead.


Whoever wins the primary in two weeks is almost assured of being governor because New York is a Democratic stronghold.


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