Water reservoirs, groundwater recharged by recent rainfall

Water reservoirs, groundwater recharged by recent rainfall


RAWALPINDI: Recent rainfall has filled the water reservoirs of the twin cities, and the spillways of Rawal Dam opened Sunday morning after the water in the lake touched 1,752ft.


This was the third time the dam’s spillways were opened in two weeks, a Small Dams Organisation official told Dawn. Before the spillways opened, sirens rang for 30 minutes.


The official said the sirens were switched on to warn people living along Korang Nullah to refrain from fishing and swimming in the downstream, which can be dangerous when water is released from the lake.


The situation in Khanpur and Simly is satisfactory, as the water level in both dams has increased and more rainfall in the coming days will improve the situation further.


The city and cantonments’ tubewells have also recharged, bringing the water shortage to an end. A senior Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) official said: “The working of the tubewells improved soon after rainfall in the current monsoon as the groundwater recharged.”


Wasa Managing Director Raja Shaukat Mehmood told Dawn the monsoon spell has considerably increased the water in the Khanpur, Simly and Rawal dams, ensuring adequate water supply to Rawalpindi and Islamabad for the next 12 months.


He said the groundwater level has also increased, and there would not be any water problem in the coming days. Most city areas receive water from two dams and tubewells, he said.


Mr Mehmood also said people should adopt safety measures and should not waste water. He said Wasa is continuing a campaign to conserve water, as the unjustified extraction of water will create problems.


Rawalpindi Cantonment Board spokesperson Qaisar Mehmood told Dawn the water supply from Khanpur dam was improved and cantonment areas would not face any water shortage in the coming months.


He added that the water supply system would be improved under the Khanpur Dam Water Supply Project Phase III, which will be completed by the end of December. After this, the water share for the Rawalpindi and Chaklala cantonments will be increased from 9 million to 16 million gallons per day.


The working of tubewells in the cantonment areas has improved since the rain, he said. The groundwater level has increased in some areas, where the RCB has plans to install more tubewells.


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