Shakargarh policeman allegedly beat up couple accused of theft

Shakargarh policeman allegedly beat up couple accused of theft

SHAKARGARH: A young woman accused of theft alleged on Thursday she and her husband were handcuffed to a charpoy and beaten by male police officers here in the vicinity of Ikhlaspur Road of Narowal’s tehsil.


In a video obtained by Geo News, the young woman, identified as Farwa Waqas, 22, and her husband could be seen handcuffed to the bed frame in and were visibly in a bad shape.


Further, it was reported that instead of policewomen, the station house officer (SHO) himself questioned the couple, with the woman claiming that both of them were beat them up by male police officers.


Waqas also refuted the allegation of theft levelled against her, and noted that she and her husband had been locked up in barracks instead of prison.


On the other hand, Inspector Muhammad Azeem, the SHO at City police station, explained that the couple had been detained in the barracks as the prison had been flooded with rainwater.


Two days prior, Shakargarh authorities registered a first information report (FIR) on behalf of Shaikh Shahbaz, the owner of the house where Waqas worked as a servant, with the primary focus of her work being a driver for the family.


Shahbaz had filed the FIR at City police station, claiming that Waqas had stolen Rs 300,000.


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