PPP can oust PTI govt, send rulers behind bars, Bilawal claims

PPP can oust PTI govt, send rulers behind bars, Bilawal claims

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Monday claimed that the party can not only oust the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) but also send the rulers behind bars.

The PPP supremo was talking to media after paying a visit to the resident of slain politician Ali Raza Abidi.

Bilawal expressed these views in an already heated political atmosphere, as PTI leaders seek to replace the ruling PPP in Sindh. Meanwhile, the PPP’s leadership had also adopted a more strident tone against the PTI, accusing Prime Minister Imran Khan of being a puppet.

The PPP leader, when asked about the chances of change in the provincial government, strongly criticised the PTI, saying that they know nothing about politics “as well as counting”.”I have 99 seats in Sindh and they (the PTI) will have to arrange 49 turncoats to form a government, because after the 18th Amendment you need more than 50 per cent majority for vote on the chief minister’s [slot].”

Bilawal went a step ahead and claimed, ” But, if Zardari allows us, if Zardari indicates, we can dislodge their [the PTI’s] government within a week. They have a majority of only six seats in the centre and an even smaller majority in Punjab. If Zardari allows us, we can dislodge them and send them behind bars.”

Talking about the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report in the fake accounts case, he termed it a “falsified” report and alleged that the government had influenced the report against the PPP leadership.

“Before we saw it or the judiciary saw it, they (the JIT) presented it to the government,” he said while referring to an alleged meeting of the special assistant to the PM with JIT members.

“The JIT was just a pretext, the Sindh government was the real target,” he said, adding that the party will fight against the conspiracy on the legal front.

He said that the PTI wants to get the chief minister in Sindh changed but the people of Sindh would not let it happen. He added that the JIT report was a fake, fictional and useless document.

He added that Zardari had faced cases in the past as well but the courts had declared him innocent of all charges.


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