DSP Javaid Iqbal: The officer from Swat martyred in terror attack


ISLAMABAD: DSP Javaid Iqbal was martyred in a terrorist bomb blast in Laki Marwat on February 29, 2008.


The ruthless terrorists didn’t even spare him even after his death as over 60 people, including his eldest son and brother perished in a suicide blast at his funeral prayers.


The wounds are still fresh for the people of Swat and they are grateful for the sacrifices of security forces to bring to an end the days and night of terrorism.


“Peace has returned in Swat. We can now go from one place to another and its all because of the martyrdom of our masses and security forces including police,” said a resident of Swat while speaking to Geo News.


The Operation Rah-e-Nijat launched by the Pakistan army in 2009 eradicated terrorism from the area.


The Shaheed’s another son is serving Pakistan army as captain and another son is in Airforce as Leftenant.


Relatives of the martyred are relieved to see that the peace has returned to their streets but their memories of the loved one is still fresh.


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