Complete power resumption in Karachi to take ‘another 1-2 hours’: KE spox

Complete power resumption in Karachi to take 'another 1-2 hours': KE spox

KARACHI: Large swathes of the metropolis and other areas in the Sindh province plunged into darkness as a major power breakdown hit southern Pakistan late Friday, Geo News reported, despite K-Electric, the city’s main power supplier, claiming that electricity had been resumed in most of the city.


However, even after almost nine hours later, power is still out in Quaidabad, Malir Halt, Rafah-e-Aam Society, Alfalah Road, and surroundings.


According to a KE spokesperson power has been restored in more than eighty per cent of the city.


This was the second major breakdown in the city, following the August 11 breakdown.


Earlier, KE had claimed, power will resume in two to three hours, however, it had turned out to be false, as some areas in Karachi, the country’s biggest industrial hub, were still in the dark while others, where power had somewhat resumed, were facing intermittent power cuts, posing risk to electrical appliances.


Further, a power cut that hit the Dhabeji, Gharo, and Pipri power stations has impacted the water supply to Karachi.


However, power did resume in the Lasbela district and Thatta and its surroundings in Sindh six hours later. In Hyderabad, on the other hand, electricity resumed partially after eight hours in the dark.


While speaking to Geo News, a spokesperson for the K-Electric had said power supply had resumed in most of Karachi but a complete continuation will take “another 2-3 hours”.


Rapid work was underway to resume citywide power supply, he explained, adding that electricity was back on in F.B. Area, PECHS, and Saddar and an operation to resume power in Garden East, Kharadar, and Punjab Chowrangi was ongoing.


“We’re making efforts to resume complete power supply quickly,” he said.


‘Rollover effect on Karachi’s electric supply’

Areas that experienced power outage included Defence, Saddar, North Karachi, Soldier Bazar, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Pak Colony, PECHS, Lines Area, Mehmoodabad, Baloch Colony, and Jamshed Road, among many others.


Sources also informed Geo News that the city’s Jinnah International Airport was also impacted by the suspension of electricity, with major portions of Jinnah Terminal and the rest of the airport facing pitch blackness. They added, however, that alternative power sources were being utilised for the sensitive areas.


On its official Twitter page, K-Electric, the metropolis’ primary power supplier, said a “500 kV transmission line connecting KE to the National Grid has tripped”.


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