Bodies of seven workers pulled out from collapsed coalmine in Sanjdi

Bodies of seven workers pulled out from collapsed coalmine in Sanjdi

QUETTA: Bodies of seven workers were pulled out from a collapsed coalmine in Sanjdi on Monday, whereas six others still trapped were feared dead.


Balochistan Chief Inspector of Mines Iftikhar Ahmed confirmed seven dead bodies had been recovered, while rescue work was under way to recover the remaining miners.


At least 13 miners were trapped thousands of feet underground on Sunday night when an explosion caused the mine to cave in.


It was unclear what caused the explosion in the Sanjdi mine, situated 70 kilometres away from Quetta, Deputy Commissioner Captain (retd) Tahir Zafar Abbasi said. The pit workers were in a tunnel at a depth of some 4,000 feet.Accidents, especially those with fatalities, in Pakistan’s coalmines are becoming commonplace, highlighting the need for better labour protections.


Numerous workers have lost their lives or suffered a physical disability in incidents in the mines.


On June 3, four labourers died after getting trapped under the debris following a gas explosion in a mine in the same area, Sanjdi.


Prior to that, on May 6, at least 23 miners were killed when two coal mines collapsed near Quetta. The first accident had occurred in Marwaarh, 45 kilometres east of Quetta due to a gas explosion.


Later in the day, another coal mine collapsed in Sooranj, in which seven miners were killed. Two were rescued in an unconscious state, while bodies of two miners were recovered later.


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