5 gifts Imran Khan would’ve loved instead of a gold-plated Kalashnikov

5 gifts Imran Khan would've loved instead of a gold-plated Kalashnikov

Did you hear? Premiere Imran Khan was just gifted a gold-plated Kalashnikov with bullets by the Governor of Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk province, Prince Fahad bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz.

What use is this to IK?… We’re not sure yet – but he seems extremely happy to be receiving it.

However, we’re at odds with this choice of present and feel the PM could’ve been given a more ‘thoughtful’ gift, because really, Imran Khan is a man of simple taste.

Here’re 5 things we feel would’ve been best suited for the PM. For starters…

1) A new set of clothes

It’s a known fact that Imran Khan refuses to buy new clothes and since all his clothes are worn out, like IK’s wife Bushra Maneka says they are, a few shalwar kameez and suits would’ve been a sweet gift. #NewYearNewMe

2) A gold replica of the ’92 World Cup trophy

Imran khan world cup

Let’s be real, Imran Khan’s 1992 World Cup win is something Insaafiyans cannot stop bragging about – and neither can he. Ask any PTI supporter why IK is best suited for his role as PM and they’ll argue that he won us the World Cup… in the early 90s… which really isn’t the same as running the country BUT it’s still a win and this way at least Imran gets to brag about it while also showing it off in gold!

3) A free lifetime supply of Al Baik chicken

We all have our favourites, Nawaz loves paye, Imran loves chicken, what better way to win the PM’s heart than a free lifetime supply of broasted chicken from the one restaurant Saudi Arabia is known for?

4) A set of gold dumbbells

Gold Dumbels

The Prime Minister loves to exercise, we know because he’s shown us, over and over and over again. A pair of gold dumbbells would’ve proved to IK that he’s really, truly cared for.

5) More money for the dam fund

Nothing speaks volumes of love (for IK) than donating money towards his dam fund. Although the KSA has already donated Rs62 million towards it, it would’ve made up for the remaining population of our country that lives below poverty line – also not every expat can afford to donate $1000 or every Pakistani, Rs10.


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