You realise rejection isn’t personal, says Radhika Apte on acting

You realise rejection isn't personal, says Radhika Apte on acting

After Pad Man and Sacred Games, Radhika Apte is making her way to the top, but it’s still a struggle.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, the actor revealed what it’s like to be in the hustle of Bollywood.

“The kind of roles I am being offered right now, I would have never rejected four years ago,” admitted Apte, implying how with making a name comes the privilege to turn down roles as “aspirations change overtime.”

She pointed out, “There’s no right or wrong but what you do has a consequence and you have to be prepared to face it. You think you know how things will work out, but you actually don’t.”

Radhika revealed that she always wanted to go into acting and initially survived through theatre and would take on films to “pay student loans” and to get her big break. She was always aware though that work in mainstream cinema at times has little to do with talent.

“You’re very lucky when you look like the person they are looking for.”

She recalled a moment where she was almost selected for a role but during the contract signing, “They said I had put on a lot of weight and I was kicked out. I told them that I had two months before the shoot to lose the weight but they were panicking and didn’t want to wait.”

So what’s it like now for the Andhadhun actor? Still not easy. Radhika still goes to auditions and is still “getting rejected left, right and centre for all the foreign projects.”

“I still get rejected often but you get used to it, in a good way. Your anger fades and you realise that nothing is personal.”

For Radhika, it’s great that she is “still being considered for auditions.”


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