Twinkle Khanna says does not want to be called a ‘feminist icon’

Twinkle Khanna says does not want to be called a 'feminist icon'


Bollywood actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna has said that she does not want to be called a “feminist icon”.


Twinkle, who launched her latest book Pyjamas Are Forgiving on Friday, was introduced as a “feminist icon” by the event’s host, director Karan Johar.


However, according to the Indian Express, Twinkle said that she is “definitely a feminist” but doesn’t like the “icon” label too much.


“I am definitely a feminist, but I find the word icon itself slightly troublesome. Anyone who is put on a pedestal is in a dangerous position because these are very narrow elevated spaces. One little dance, one drink and off you fall. So I am not any kind of an icon. I just do my work, and walk ahead quietly,” she said.


Asked about the impact of the global #MeToo movement on her life and work, Twinkle revealed how she was affected by it and that it holds a special place in her latest book.


“Everything that happens in the world, kind of impacts in my writing. The #MeToo movement has impacted all of us. It is not just women, but men too as it has made us examine our ingrained behaviour. And it has found its way in my book as well,” she said.


Further, when asked if the book could become a mainstream movie or digital content one day, Twinkle said, “No, I don’t really write to turn my books into movies.”


Twinkle has previously written Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad.


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