Ranveer Singh is every Bollywood cop in the Simmba trailer

Ranveer Singh is every Bollywood cop in the Simmba trailer

We’ve seen enough Bollywood cop films to know that they all have the same storyline, but does Simmba come across as any different from the lot?

By the looks of it, not really. The three-minute trailer features Ranveer Singh as ACP Sangram Bhalerao whose sole reason for becoming a cop is to make money unlawfully until his close friend is raped by a group of men who work for his boss Vikran Khanna played by Sonu Sood.

The trailer bears stark resemblance to Ajay Devgn’s Singham, but it’s no surprise because Simmba is an extension (loosely) of Devgan’s cop franchise and also features him in a cameo. Plus, Rohit Shetty was the director for both productions.

During the trailer launch, Shetty said, “A cop film will work only if it includes the reflection of what’s happening in society. You cannot show anything vague.”

And Ranveer hopes his film can offer the same as Singham.

“My favourite cop franchise is Singham without a doubt. We had never seen a hero like that. It’s the kind of celebration that you want in a single screen theater. I hope Simmba offers that.”

Simmba will release on December 28.


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