Hina Dilpazeer is super foxy in the Donkey King trailer

Hina Dilpazeer is super foxy in the Donkey King trailer

The Donkey King got our attention with its teaser a month ago and now we’re finding out more.


The trailer for the upcoming animated film is out and we’re just a little concerned, though overall hopeful. We really want animation to thrive in Pakistan.

From the teaser, we learned that the donkey Mangu hails from a family of clothes-washers but dreams of being king. Now the trailer tells us that his homeland’s king is retiring and someone must take his place. A sly fox (voiced by Hina Dilpazeer) plots to put Mangu on the throne as a figurehead king so she can rule through him. Mangu (voiced by John Rambo) is conflicted: even though he wants to rise from dhobi-hood, he is afraid of the responsibility that comes with being king.


Hina Dilpazeer is doing some of the best voice-acting ever done for animated projects in Pakistan so we’re excited to see her character even more now.


So far the story sounds cute and looks like a film the whole family can watch. We’re concerned about a few technicalities. The teaser showed some superior animation but in the trailer we spot some hits and misses (for example, the fur texture on the bear and donkey looks brilliant but the lion looks odd). We’re really hoping these were pre-rendition scenes put together for the trailer and these glitches are ironed out when the movie releases.


The Donkey King is slated for release October 13.


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