Here’s how we’re watching more than 6000 hours of content at home?

Here's how we're watching more than 6000 hours of content at home?


We’re binge-watching our favourite content on STARZPLAY by Cinepax these days which is a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service.

Here’s a look into what it is:


This subscription gets us our favourite Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, kid’s entertainment and same-day-as-the-US series with a wide variety of dedicated Hollywood and Urdu content.


The service brings to Pakistan over 6000 hours of content through an extensive library, and we certainly like it.


Arif Baigmohamed, Chairman Cinepax Group, believes, “STARZPLAY by Cinepax will help to strengthen our growing movie business and allow customers to live-stream top content from a number of devices. STARZPLAY by Cinepax is a compelling business opportunity to provide high-quality service for both mass and premium market segments.”Here’s a quick look at what content the service hosts:


  1. Hollywood content

STARZPLAY by Cinepax is working with several major studios, including Disney, Warner Bros., Sony, MGM and Lionsgate along with localized, third party content.


Among other exciting movies and shows, the service includes The Bond Series, Batman Series, Harry Potter series, Hobbit, Britannia, Arrow, The Walking Dead and Flash.


  1. Bollywood and Urdu content

STARZPLAY by Cinepax offers an extensive Bollywood library that includes most of our favourite shows and movies, think Vogue BFFs and classics like Bodyguard and PK.


The service also includes Pakistani content including evergreen series like Hum Safar, Man Mayal, and Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.

  1. Kids Favourites

STARZPLAY by Cinepax offers an extensive library of kid’s favorites such as G.I. Joe, Sigma Six, Transformers, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Dora the Explorer and The Lego movie.


How to download?

The service is available on Google Play store, Apple Store, and Chromecast.


How to subscribe?

30-day free trial: STARZPLAY by Cinepax offers free trial for 30 days. offering unlimited access to a wide collection of Hollywood, Bollywood and Pakistani movies, and TV shows.


At the end of the trial period, the service subscribes users by charging them a fee.


Register up to five devices per subscription: STARZPLAY by Cinepax is available across a wide assortment of devices including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android, with options of registering up to five devices per account.


Parental controls: The service also offers parental control over all content. Users can access the control through a prompt that shows up during sign up process.


How to pay?

Flexible payment options: This service offers multiple price points for payment coupled with localized, third party content. The service is the first in Pakistan to offer its customers to pay subscription charges through vouchers, available at nationwide Cinepax locations.


Payment partnership with Jazz: The partnership brings flexibility of payment via Jazz Mobile Account via price point variations for weekly and monthly payments.


Cinepax is one of Pakistan’s favorite entertainment companies and leading cinema operator holding 40 screens in 14 locations nationwide.


STARZPLAY, launched in 2015, is one of the fastest growing SVOD services in 22 countries across MENA, with its HQ located in Dubai.


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