Forced fusions greatly disturb Coke Studio’s second episode

Forced fusions greatly disturb Coke Studio’s second episode

WebDesk) – Coke Studio kicked off after a wait of almost a year and in the process introduced its latest strategy; telling unknown Pakistani stories to the rest of the world. Coke Studio’s Think Tank pulled off the theme quite well by giving chances to two transgender singers, Lucky and Naghma. In addition, they managed to voice a strong message to the world by releasing a song completely based on women empowerment (‘Main Iraada’) and finally introduced the rap culture to the world of Coke Studio through ‘Rap Hai Saara’.


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Episode one, as expected, was more a success story than a disappointment. With episode two however, things were different. When the lineup for the second episode was introduced, almost everyone were surprised at the number of big names being featured so early on, hence the excitement.


The phrase “great expectations lead to greater disappointments” was affirmed in episode two as the bigwigs failed to leave a good impression. Lack of chemistry, forceful fusions, ill-structured music and unintelligent innovations led to the downfall of episode two.


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Here is a lineup of the songs that were released on Friday night and where exactly each of them went wrong.


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