Emraan Hashmi exploits the education system in Cheat India’s trailer

Emraan Hashmi exploits the education system in Cheat India's trailer

Emraan Hashmi is set to highlight the corruption in the Indian education system and now we know how.

Emraan film Cheat India just got its first trailer and there’s a lot to process there.

Emraan plays Rakesh Singh, a man who exploits desi parents who aren’t afraid to use their privilege to give their child a step ahead.

Cheat India shows the scams that arise during the entrance exams that a majority of students take to become engineers, bankers or to go into management. With parents willing to do whatever it takes but children willing to do zilch, Rakesh Singh knows how to take advantage of those throwing money and to help those who are truly in need.

A desi Robin Hood who keeps a cut? We’ll take it.

The film has a very ‘Don’t hate the player, hate the game’ vibe as Rakesh Singh, who sees himself as an anti-hero, quotes something very similar.

Cheat India is slated to release January 25.


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