‘Doob Raha Hoon Abhi Dooba Tou Nahi’: The timeless Sajjad Ali turns 52

'Doob Raha Hoon Abhi Dooba Tou Nahi': The timeless Sajjad Ali turns 52

(WebDesk) – Very few people earn the respects of teenagers and the elderly alike and the ones that do so end up becoming legends of their times. One such personality is none other than Pakistan’s Pop King, Sajjad Ali who celebrates his 52nd birthday today.


Sajjad Ali is widely considered as one of the finest musicians the country has ever produced. Ever since his arrival onto the music scene, Sajjad Ali has never disappointed filling our music hungry souls with unmatched and unparalleled Pop music.

The maestro came into this world on 24th August 1966 in Karachi. Growing up, Sajjad Ali completed his education from the National Arts College of Karachi.


The person who did Pakistan a huge favor by introducing Sajjad Ali to classical music was his uncle Tassaduq Hussain who took Sajjad Ali under his supervision to teach him the very basics of music. After taking classes from his uncle, Sajjad Ali proved himself ready when he performed live for the first time only at the tender age of 14 from the renowned platform of the program “Rangarang”


As he grew older, he gave a shot in the film industry as well performing both as an actor and a singer. When his acting didn’t live up to the expectations however, Sajjad Ali dedicated all his time to singing melodies.




The singer has had an illustrious career. Photo: File


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In his illustrated career as a successful musician, that spans over 35 years, he wrote, produced and performed various songs that are still on the lips of many of his faithful from all around the world. Amongst some of his hit songs are Cinderella, Chief Saab, Sohni Lagdi, Paaniyon Mein and Har Zulm amongst others.






Chief Saab




Sohni Lagdi




Paniyo Mein




Har Zulm Tera




Sajjad Ali also blessed Coke Studio with his presence, his most recent performance coming in last year’s edition when he also performed a duet with his supremely talented daughter, Zaw Ali.




The maestro’s latest hit song is Lagaya Dil that has made its way into the playlist of many people especially the teenagers.





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