Disney launches ‘Black Panther’ animated series

Disney launches ‘Black Panther’ animated series

LOS ANGELES: Marvel’s Black Panther made quite an amount of money at the box office and Disney is not ready to part with the Black Panther glory even if its temporarily until the next movie comes out.


With a $700 million domestic box-office tally, Black Panther will soon be making the transition to the small screen.


Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest will technically be the fifth season of Disney XD’s popular Avengers Assemble series, it’ll focus squarely on the Wakandan king as he embarks on a series of adventures with sister and trusted tech-whiz companion Shuri by his side.The animated series will showcase Black Panther against old and new foes, as he tries to come to terms with the newly acquired responsibility as King and his newfound duties as a member of the Avengers.


Marvel’s latest TV effort will also be defined by considerable action and humor.


Other familiar faces from the Marvel’s universe will make their appearance including Iron Man and Captain America.


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