Chris Evans hangs up Captain America shield with a moving note?

Chris Evans hangs up Captain America shield with a moving note

Chris Evans hangs up Captain America shield!

Chris Evans has bound up his final performance as Captain America for the fourth Avengers picture show

Chris Evans has finished shooting for the fourth Avengers and you recognize what which means.


The actor has formally exited his role as Steve Rogers once eight years and affirmative, we’ll provide you with an instant to remember your emotions.


Wrapping up his shoot, Evans took to social media to supply some parting words.

‘He officially wrapped  on Avengers 4’ ,Evans said in his post on twiter . it absolutely was AN emotional day to mention the smallest amount. enjoying this role over the last eight years has been AN honor. To everybody ahead of the camera, behind the camera, and within the audience, thanks for the memories! forever grateful.”

While the MCU movies might have mixed reviews among Marvel fans, there is no denying that Chris Evans won the hearts of the many together with his performance. within the 10 years that the medium universe has swollen, Evans grew because the character and created US would like war was done right thus we have a tendency to might see him bring out the most effective of Cap.

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In war the comic books, Captain America is killed. we do not apprehend what to expect however we have a tendency to square measure curious if Chris Evans can exit with a… bang? One things of course, there’ll be tears.


But without delay we actually hope the bromance between him and Henry M. Robert Downey Jr. never ends.


The untitled picture show, lovingly referred to as Avengers four, can unleash in 2019.

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