Angelina Jolie Reportedly Tells Pals She ‘Regrets’ Divorcing Brad Pitt!

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Tells Pals She ‘Regrets’ Divorcing Brad Pitt!


Does Angelina Jolie want Brad Pitt back in her life? Reportedly, she is seriously questioning if her decision to get a divorce was the right one.


One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘The further Angelina gets from the split, the more she thinks about Brad and misses having him in her life. Lately, there are times when she feels major regrets over ending things with him. There are days she can’t help but question if she made the right choices for their family. The more her anger at him fades the more she misses him.’

The source doesn’t mention any such plans but claims the actress sometimes ‘misses waking up next to him, starting her days with him and going to bed next to Brad. She misses the distinct way he smells, the sound of his laughter with the kids and his all-American good looks.’


‘The more she gets busy with work, the more she wonders if she made the right decision divorcing the love of her life. Angelina knows Brad did his best to be a good father and maybe she made a terrible mistake.’

At the same time, the insider report doesn’t seem very likely knowing that the former married couple is still at war over their kids’ custody. Do you think Jolie really questions her decision to divorce Pitt now?


Who knows, maybe his headline-making pictures last week got her reminiscing.


The actor is in great shape nowadays, and it’s safe to say he actually looks better than he has in years!


But obviously, Angelina allegedly missing Brad has little to do with his looks judging by what she’s apparently been thinking about when it comes to her ex.


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