Admiration from Pakistani fans ‘indescribable’: singer Tulsi Kumar

Admiration from Pakistani fans 'indescribable': singer Tulsi Kumar

MANCHESTER: Award-winning Indian vocalist Tulsi Kumar says “the love and respect I get from my Pakistani fans is indescribable” and that she is always “so happy” to them.


Kumar, a playback singer known for her songs like “Akele Tanha”, “Love Mera Hit Hit,” and “Soch Na Sake,” as well as her recent duet with Atif Aslam “Paniyo Sa,” is currently touring in the United Kingdom.


Speaking exclusively to, the singer, who has a bubbly, charming personality, said: “I am so happy to see people from different countries attending these shows, especially my Pakistani fans.


“As we don’t get to interact with them often, whenever I tour abroad, the love and respect I get from my Pakistani fans is indescribable,” added Kumar, who is the daughter of late Indian music mogul Gulshan Kumar.


In response to a question as to when she intends to visit Pakistan for a live show, the famed singer said she would do so as soon as she could get an opportunity but refrained from making a commitment regarding the timeline.


Noting that she has many friends, Kumar said a majority of her fans were from Pakistan, which is why she believes music connects people globally and has the power to connect people from different countries. She said: “I hope I will perform in Pakistan one day and will strengthen the message of peace.


“I actually believe music has no boundaries and that’s the uniqueness of any kind of art and especially music. I previously collaborated with the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan back in 2010 for one of the biggest tracks of my career ‘Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein’.”


The playback singer, who has also sung a duet with Farhan Saeed, which was popular in both India and Pakistan, commented that about how music was something that does not have any borders or boundaries. “I don’t think art, culture, music should be mixed with personal and political issues of countries.


“Pakistani artists are loved in India and so are Indian artists in Pakistan. … It’s great to collaborate with various talented artists irrespective of the country they belong to. Let the music do all the talking and healing and bring the countries together,” she added.


“Paniyon Sa” — Kumar’s collaboration with Aslam for a Bollywood film — is topping charts across the world. She has previously worked with Shiraz Uppal and Shani Arshad for songs in Pakistani films.


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