Abbas Jaffery’s journey from runway to Sindh Assembly

Abbas Jaffery’s journey from runway to Sindh Assembly

Model-turned-politician Abbas Jaffery who had been making waves in Pakistan’s entertainment industry is determined to carry on the tide for change in the country.


The two-time Lux Style Awards winner was elected from a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) seat during the July 25 polls.


Jaffery emerged victorious from the Sindh Assembly seat of PS-125, Karachi as he defeated Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Abdul Haseeb by securing 30,687 votes.


Now, the model-turned-politician vows to “give back to the community”.


“Convincing the world that I could win was the hardest part,” the 26-year-old told


The former U-19 cricketer shared that he decided to join politics owing to a burning desire to “do more” and “make a difference”.


“I have always wanted to help my community and make my country a better place to live in and I believe politics provided me with the perfect platform to deliver,” Jaffery said.


The MPA-elect, who upholds transparency, said that citizens should be aware of where their money is spent.


“We need to know where our money goes and who is delivering on their promises,” he asserted.

Speaking about the core issues facing the country, Jaffery said, “An educated Pakistani can do wonders for the world. This is the only way for our country to prosper.”


Jaffery further stressed on the need for a higher standard of public education.


Responding to a question regarding why he chose to contest from a PTI ticket, the 26-year-old said, “Pakistanis have had their fair share of testing out political parties in the last 10 to 20 years. PTI is a breath of fresh air. It gives us a sense of hope and if that’s what our country needs then so be it.”


But winning a provincial seat of the Sindh Assembly is more than just seeing your name as a winner on the Election Commission of Pakistan’s website, he continued.


For the U-19 cricketer-turned-supermodel, providing basic amnesties is a top priority.


“Providing basic necessities in my constituency is on top of my list,” he said.


“We need clean water to drink, a transparent governing system, proper sewerage disposal and police bodies made from local personnel,” he added.

But Jaffery is adamant to try his best to deliver as much as possible in the next five years.


“That is a step towards making Naya Pakistan a better Pakistan,” he said, echoing his party’s slogan.


He also urged that people should take active part in politics rather than complain.


“If all you do is sit and complain, then you’re doing no good. Help out in whatever means possible.”


He added, “If you see garbage in your area do not wait for someone to do something about it. Take the initiative yourself and dispose it. Change starts from within.”


Jaffrey, however, shared that the journey into the assembly has not been an easy one and friends turned into foes and strangers into friends.


“It has been a rollercoaster of a ride. I lost some friends along the way who did not believe in me but then I also came across people who supported me,” he said, adding that the journey to where he is helped him become a better human.


“My fans that were there from the start are another reason I am here,” he added.


“As an ambassador for my people this new office gives me another chance to set an example.”


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