Aamir Khan drops film project over tried rape charges against director Subhash Kapoor

Aamir Khan drops film project over tried rape charges against director Subhash Kapoor

Aamir Khan and married woman Kiran Rao have declared that they’re not manufacturing the forthcoming biopic Mogul because of the tried rape charges against the film’s director Subhash Kapoor.


In a statement on Twitter, the couple behind Aamir Khan Productions aforementioned that the fees were brought the case were delivered to their attention fortnight agone. Subhash was suspect of trying to rape actor Geetika Tyagi in 2012. Tyagi filed a case against Kapoor in 2014 and conjointly free a video during which she will be able to be seen slapping Kapoor within the presence of his married woman.


Their statement scan, “Upon enquiry we tend to found that this specific case is subjudice, which the legal method is in motion. we tend to aren’t AN fact-finding agency, nor ar we tend to in any position to pass judgement on anyone – that’s for the police and judiciary to try to to. So, while not casting any aspersions on anyone concerned during this case, and while not coming back to any conclusions regarding these specific allegations, we’ve determined to step removed from this film.”

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Subhash has undergone their statement, expression that “I perceive and respect Aamir Khan’s and Kiran Rao’s call. Since matter is subjudice, I will prove my innocence within the court of law.”


However, he conjointly display a question: “…is on the QT cinematography a crying lady while not her consent and information and uploading it on social media not harassment or abuse? Or is it fine if she is said to somebody WHO is “accused” of a misconduct. If your answer is latter then on behalf of me it’s nothing but a khaap council mentality.”


Production company T-Series, that was manufacturing the film with Aamir Khan Productions, has conjointly declared that ” everybody at T-Series has determined to not work with the director”.


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